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Situated on the Portuguese Silver Coast, less than an hour's drive from Lisbon, this new build house offers a luxurious but relaxed lifestyle within the Portuguese countryside.


Large full-height sliding windows offer stunning views over the Montejunto mountain and the Atlantic Ocean. The design utilises passive solar design solutions with deep overhangs and sliding louvres providing much needed shading.


Water solar panels, photovoltaic panels and battery power storage are to be installed with the aim of producing the majority of the energy consumed by the house on site. The underfloor heating system powered by air-source heat pumps provides heating during colder months and cooling during the summer.


Silver Coast, Portugal
New Build | Residential

Client: Private
Size: 400 sqm
Team: Engineeria, JBMG Arquitectos, Lusmarina Schittek
Visuals: HISM

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